December 1969


Press Statement

ArtHatch and Distinction Gallery are excited to present a group exhibition curated by Italian artist, Ixie Darkonn entitled "The Nightmare in Wonderland, Part II", which will feature works by many top pop-surrealist artists from around the globe, all paying silent tribute to one of the darkest film directors of our time. The Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 6-10pm with Live Music. Local artists within the ArtHatch building will also have their studios open to the public. Complimentary Stone beer and wine will be served to guests.

"A nightmare is a broken dream, reckless and untamed, bringing hidden thoughts to light. It is possible to feed nightmares with inner beauty and energy. In the beginning, a nightmare sneaks in, is born secretly, colorless... (Part 0 - the colorless show, Rotofugi Gallery Chicago) then gains momentum, growing, (Part I Ayden Gallery... the start of an evolution) blooming into colors (Part II Distinction Gallery the colorful show) next changing into vivid visions and impossible dreams... (Part III the digital show Pink Zeppelin gallery Berlin) and then becomes reborn to a new reality... or will expire forever. A Nightmare is a misunderstood dream we may not share, out of fear of ruining it. This project pays tribute to the creative process of bringing beauty out from our nightmares. The artists in this project have paid a silent tribute to one of the greatest directors of our time, who has embodied and embraced the beauty of the nightmare on screen. Their work speaks of this visionary artist secretly, just as nightmares are spoken of silently in wonder and awe." -Ixie Darkonn

The exhibition will run from April 11 - May 2, 2015


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