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Distinction Gallery Presents "Made You Look", a solo show featuring San Diego based artist Scott Rohlfs.

The exhibition will include 10-15 new medium and large scale Acrylic paintings, as well as mini collectors paintings created specifically for the exhibition. The paintings will be Rohlfs most well known subject: women depicted in a variety of styles from high fashion to experimental. Distinction Gallery has represented Rohlfs for over 10 years and is proud to have witnessed his career develop into an internationally acclaimed and exhibited artist. We have sold his paintings to collectors throughout the world and he continues to gain momentum.

In the words of the artist:

"My acrylic paintings are a combination of classical realistic rendering with a personal element of distortion. This distortion comes from my innate desire to transform my emotions into tangible planes that express what I feel, not what I see. I believe this can be seen through my subject's eyes.

Painting has always been a means of self-expression for me. Therefore, I paint because I have to and need to, not necessarily because I want to. Subconsciously or not, the figures I paint are a reflection of myself and whatever mood I am in at the time. Each mood is distinct, ranging from subliminal, cryptic expressions to more cognitive states of being and the eyes of my subjects are often the primary focus of expression. Although these surreal paintings are direct reflections of my own emotions and feelings, this style of painting also allows viewers to enjoy the freedom of determining their own interpretations of the subjects.

My work is a fusion of personal experiences and influences- moody atmospheres, tattoo-inspired couture, and timeless elements all laced with clandestine symbolism. The figures I paint exist in their own mysterious realm and time, and each painting offers a glimpse into their atypical world."

His exhibition will run from February 11 through March 4, 2017. The opening reception with Scott, live music, ArtHatch open studios, Stone Beer, and BK Cellars wine will be on Saturday February 11 from 6-10pm.


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