Distinction Gallery Art Rental

Art work is available to rent by the following artists.  Click photo for more samples, prices, and bio.  Check back regularly for additional artists.


Victor Roman

Sample Work


2011, Oil on board with metal bolt accents

24"H x 48"W

Day Rate: $300 / Retail: $1500


Kustom Made
2011, Oil on board

56"H x 32"W
Day rate: $500 / Retail: $2500


2011, Oil on board

27"H x 52"W
Framed in steel frame
Day Rate: $ 540 / Retail: $2700



Victor Roman's passion for expressing himself through art motivates him to sketch and paint whenever he can. Sometimes, you can find him sketching people on the train or in a casino but on most days, you will find him painting in his studio until the early hours of the morning.

Painting in the night after work, shows dedication and after 3 years of study at Palomar College, Victor’s talent has grown exponentially. The emotions that his art evoke have developed in complexity and because of this, the viewer must think twice about what they are looking at to figure out their own interpretation of his art. Art pieces include depictions of artillery, child soldiers and portraits of mankind in various states of mind. The art is masterfully painted on wood, a feat accomplished by few artists.

As this artist’s girlfriend and in my experiences as his peer in art classes, I’ve witnessed Victor draw from life with swift and graceful movements. I have also seen him make a gun drawn on piece of paper drawn on a piece of paper exciting and to witness this phenomenon for yourself just stop by Studio #9. He will be happy to turn up the bass for you on his sound system or play a timeless record on our record player.