July 2014.

10th Annual ArtHatch Studio Artists' Exhibition


Bryan Steward

"School's Out"

Oil on Canvas
20 x 16 inches


Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze

"I Got the Blues"

Oil on Linen
20 x 12 inches
Framed to 20.5 x 12.5 inches


Charles Ingham

"The Shovel"

Five archival ink-jet prints, Number 1 in an edition of 3
2.25 x 2.25 inches each
Framed to 16 x 20 inches


Dawn Mellien

"Still Life"

Oil on Canvas
24 x 20 inches


Donna Cosentino

"Water Channel"

Silver Gelatin Toned Shot on 4 x 5 film
9 x 12 inches
Framed to 21 x 21 inches


Elena Karavodin


Oil on Canvas
16 x 12 inches
Framed to 18 x 14 inches


Jamie Kanes


20 x 16 inches


Jennifer Anichowski

"The Gift"

Oil on Board
9 x 12 inches


Jennifer Steward

"Ornery Pussycat Gang"

Acrylic on Canvas Panel with Macrame Frame
27 x 7 inches


Jerry Eyler


Watercolor on Paper
20 x 16 inches
Framed to 26 x 22 inches


John Windsor

"Voyeur Series: Conversation Piece"

Archival Print on Panel, 3/10
13 x 19 inches


Judith Preston


Platinum/Palladium Print
11 x 14 inches
Matted, unframed


Julie Arroyo

"Chasing Birds"

Oil on Wood
12 x 12 inches


Lindsey Denhof

"Praying Mantis"

Nail Polish & Acrylic on Panel
12 x 12 inches


Major Morris

"Picture Taken'"

Black & White Photograph
10.75 x 13.75 inches
Framed to 25.25 x 21 inches




Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 12 inches


Matthew Land

"Untitled (switchblade pallet knife)"

Acrylic on Wood
10 x 10 inches


Michael W. Conley

"A Soulis Copy of Neff"

Acrylic on Wood
12 x 12 inches


Mitchell Hill

"Through the Looking Glass: A Self Portrait"

Digital Color Photograph, Print mounted with overman
10 x 8 inches
Framed to 16 x 13.5 inches


Nicole Waszak

"Mask (Self-Portrait)"

Acrylic and Paper on Panel
14 x 14 inches


Norma Brinker

"Frolicking Sunflowers"

Acrylic on Panel
13.5 x 17.5 inches
Framed to 15.25 x 19.25 inches


Robert Barry


Copperplate Etching
6 x 4 inches
Framed to 11 x 9 inches


Roel Jovellanos


Acrylic on Canvas
8 x 24 inches


Sally Reis Vogt

"Refection in a Dutch Door #3"

Photograph on Fujiflex Crystal Archive
10 x 8 inches
Framed to 20 x 16 inches


Taylor Gallegos


Oil on Canvas
16 x 20 inches


Travis Sevilla

"Robot and the Persistence of Spring"

Acrylic on Basswood Panel
14 x 11 inches


Vicki L. Johnson Mischler

"Fab Fair Poster "

Photoshop Digital Image
18 x 12 inches


Victor Roman

"Miss Summer Solstice"

Oil on Skateboard
24 x 8 inches


Will Gibson


Photograph (Pigment on Canvas)
30 x 20 inches


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