December 1969


Press Statement

Distinction Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening reception of the much anticipated "Scientific Evolution" on Saturday August 8 from 6 - 11pm. The gallery will be donating 10% of commissions to benefit Stem Cell Research through UCSD, in honor of Charles Leslie Walker, and several artists are doing the same. We are very excited to have UCSD's Larry Goldstein, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at UCSD in attendance to answer questions from 6-8 pm. To find out more about this important cause please visit UCSD's stem cell website. There is a suggested minimum donation of $5 for opening night, which will include live music by "Kera and the Lesbians" and "Pea". Beer and wine will be available for those over 21. We will also be accepting donation checks made out UCSD Gift Processing. Participating artists are Roland Tamayo, Mark Bryan, Sean Christopher, Andy Haynes, Linda Herzog, Brett Hess, Jasmine Worth, Sean Chapple, Gene Guynn, Joka, Jake Waldron, Christian Van Minnen, Ursula Young, Dan Lydersen, Holly Wood, JW Miller, Dennis Larkins, Augie Pagan, Joseph Borzotta, and Dave Macdowell. Each of the artists was given the following statement as inspiration for the show. Art is a distinctly human expression. And as humans, our artistic creativities are limited by the fragile nature that is life. To live, is to inherently be at risk. It is through this struggle that art is born, nurtured and evolved. It is this tenuous grasp on life that pushes mankind to look to science to help us where nature seems to fail us. To celebrate this connection between art and science, Distinction Gallery is hosting a group showing entitled, "Scientific Evolution". This unique showing will be centered on the theme of how science is allowing humankind to live longer and directly affect our own evolution. The gallery will be donating 10% of the galleries commission to UCSD to further stem cell research. Artists also have the option to donate 10% of their commission to further this most worthy scientific endeavor. Many lives can be saved through this important research, and in turn, so will many artists. Artist Joka on his piece for the show Do Humans Dream of Organic Peace? Better dying through science. As is inherent the human need to create (or just "produce"), so is the need to destroy. Science progresses our ability to live, but also our efficiency to kill. Humanity's ever-increasing power to cure ills and sustain longer lives teeter in balance with its ever-increasing power to eradicate life en masse through biomedical and advanced warfares. As soldiers are sacrificed in war, birth rates sway in time. Scientific evolution helps us progress each side of the coin of life. All in addition to our 14 artist studios and 100+ artists in the "Alley" and the "Sub 1K Lounge". New pieces are added to our inventory every month. Visit here to see the latest additions. Distinction is a 7000 square foot building which houses a gallery and 14 artist studios ranging in size from 150 to 800 square feet. The Gallery features contemporary and cutting edge art work with a soft focus on Pop and Urban Surrealism. Distinction exhibits work by emerging and internationally acclaimed artists and is located at: 317 East Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025. "Scientific Evolution" shows August 8 through September 5th.


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