December 1969


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Distinction Gallery strives to bring the brightest and most unique artists to the Southern California region and will expose its latest finds in a three artist showing entitled, "Autumn's Delight". The displays share a common theme in the artist's ability to portray the human character while all showing an appreciation for surrealism and the importance of narrative in painted works. All three of the artists will be attending the opening reception on Saturday, October 11th from 6-11 PM and will be on hand to answer questions and talk about their art. Music, Karl Strauss Beer, and wine will highlight this event so we hope you will join us in this intense tri-artist showing . The entire "Autumn's Delight" exhibition will be available for viewing through Saturday, November 1st. Distinction Gallery will also be featuring the "Sub 1K" Gallery with works priced for less than $1000 featuring renowned artists from around the world. "The Alley" will show an additional 30+ artists. All in addition to the 14 artist studios featuring 16 local artists. Also, please feel free browse our new collection of art books and toys we have for purchase and don't hesitate to inquire about Distinction's custom framing services. The Artists: Scott Brooks was born in Flint, Michigan but currently works and resides in our nations capitol of Washington D.C.. He earned his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts which has served him well as an illustrator of several children's books. His cherubic characters resonate with a sentimental flavor that translate well into the fantasy world of childhood dreams. Much of his portraiture has a twisted sense of direction and surrealist content that allows Brooks to display something more sinister just below the surface. Known for his work in human characture, the works are a battle between the fine art of his execution and the divergent paths chosen for their dramatic effects. Aside from the obvious surrealist accents, deliberate choices, like the universal effect of having his subject's eyes set too far apart, set a sort of theme throughout the works of Scott Brooks. Like when he tackles "The Seven Deadly Sins". It's Hitchcock reworking a Norman Rockwell. "Anatomical distortions emerge at the earliest stages in the process, separating the figures from the photographic ideal. The abstraction allows me to get up close and create my own reality. Without the distractions of perfect anatomy, I explore the figure, shape and light on my own terms. The distortions I apply to the figures are recognizable, but more familiar in a different context." - Scott Brooks Andy Haynes feels creating visual art is an expressive outlet for eternal emotions and energy. In essence, his art is a concentration of painting and drawing, focusing thematically around self-healing and contemporary moral issues. These issues portray both the dark as well as the beautiful sides of youth in the fast-paced society of modern America. His studies in the human character evoke and portray a range of emotion in untraditional poses that are enhanced by adventuresome choices in surrealist accents. While guessing a works narrative is highly interpretive, the sense of story and meaning in Haynes works is easily tangible. Marie Barr is the youngest of nine children raised in Connecticut. It was her childhood competition with her siblings for art supplies that enabled her ability to improvise into mixed media. Her watercolors have a sense of "texture", especially in the backgrounds that support her subjects, that belies the medium while embracing the washed out hues they provide. Her works have a sense of whimsical confusion bordering with despondency. "As an artist, I have always been interested in people. We are all strange puppets. We should be the masters of our own fate, but instead our emotional reactions overwhelm our course of action. My art addresses our inner turmoil." - Marie Barr "Autumn's Delight" shows October 11th through November 1st. Distinction is a 7000 square foot building which houses a gallery and 14 artist studios ranging in size from 150 to 800 square feet. The Gallery features contemporary and cutting edge art work with a soft focus on Urban Surrealism. Distinction exhibits work by emerging and internationally acclaimed artists and is located at: 317 East Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025. A wide variety of art books and toys are now available for purchase. Custom framing is also available.


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