December 1969


Press Statement

This body of work is a culmination of years of experiences, memories and triggers to what ultimately is a bridge to freedom for me both as a woman and as an artist. It includes mixed media works with pencil, acrylic and oil, and a handful of original sketches. It also includes copper plate etchings completed with master printmaker, Struan Hamilton of Belfast Print Workshop in 2009, along with the artist proofs which have never been shown before. For me, this work portrays the challenges of crossing racial, familial and cultural divides in my life in San Francisco and fragments of my war torn British family and now my extended family in the Philippines. Much like piecing together an old worn out puzzle, these scattered familial stories didn't seem to make sense until given a definite future when choreographed into a body of artwork. My creative process continues to be one of self discovery which informs my work. Though I continue to long for a traditional artistic method with which to create, i typically want to break free of that which has been expected, imposed, and requested. This has been a three year process of building bridges with myself, my family's past, and the future ahead. This show concludes works ranging from 2009 - 2012.


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